The Venerable Luisito Engnan
  • Archdeacon of Fraser; Vicar of St, Michael's and Christ the Redeemer, Surrey
The Venerable Andrew Halladay
  • Archdeacon of Lougheed, Vicar of St. Andrew the Apostle, Langley
The Venerable Kevin Hunt
  • Archdeacon of Burrard; Rector of St. James
The Venerable Ruth Monette
  • Archdeacon of Westminster, Rector of St. Stephen the Martyr, Burnaby
The Venerable Stephen Muir
  • Archdeacon of Capilano; Rector of St. Agnes, North Vancouver
The Venerable Stephanie Shepard
  • Archdeacon of Granville/Interim Priest in Charge of Holy Trinity, Vancouver
The Venerable Peggy Trendell-Jensen
  • Archdeacon for Deacons; Deacon at St. Clement, Lynn Valley
The Venerable Nick Pang
  • Special Assistant to the Bishop/Diocesan Archdeacon

Dean of the Diocese

The Very Reverend Chris Pappas
  • Dean of the Diocese of New Westminster and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral

Regional Deans

The Reverend Arvin Amayag
  • Regional dean of Royal City/South Burnaby; Vicar, St Mary's Sapperton
The Reverend Paul Bowie
  • Regional Dean of Yale; Rector of All Saints, Mission
The Reverend Laurel Dahill
  • Regional Dean of Golden Ears; Vicar of St. John the Divine, Maple Ridge
The Reverend Helen Dunn
  • Regional Dean of North Vancouver; Rector of St. Clement, Lynn Valley
The Reverend James Duckett
  • Regional Dean of Tri-Cities/North Burnaby; Rector of St. Timothy's, Burnaby
The Reverend Cameron Gutjahr
  • Regional Dean of Sea to Sky; Rector of St. John's, Squamish
The Reverend Lorne Manweiler
  • Regional Dean of Point Grey, Rector of St. Philip, Dunbar
The Reverend Marnie Peterson
  • Regional Dean of Richmond/Delta; Rector of St. Anne, Steveston
The Reverend Stephen Rowe
  • Regional Dean of Peace Arch; Rector of Epiphany, Surrey
The Reverend Marion Wong
  • Regional Dean of Oakridge; Vicar of St. Titus, Oakridge
  • The Right Reverend John Stephens: Bishop
  • Robert Hardy, ODNW: Treasurer
  • George Cadman, KC, ODNW, AAM: Chancellor
  • Kevin Smith, ODNW: Vice-Chancellor
  • The Reverend Andrew Halladay - Chair of the Mission and Ministry Development Committee and Clerical Secretary of Synod
  • The Reverend Amanda Ruston: Burrard - clerical
  • Teofilo Bosaing, ODNW: Burrard - lay
  • The Reverend Joyce Parry-Moore: Capilano-clerical
  • Meg Stevens: Capilano-lay
  • The Reverend Simbarashe Basvi: Fraser-clerical
  • Frances Fagan, ODNW: Fraser-lay
  • The Reverend James Hwang:  Granville-clerical
  • Don Thompson: Granville-lay
  • The Reverend Laurel Dahill: Lougheed - clerical
  • Ann Turner: Lougheed-lay
  • The Reverend Justin Cheng: Westminster-clerical
  • Deirdre Thornton: Westminster-lay
  • Ryan Bowie: Youth
  • The Venerable Stephen Muir: Archdeacons and Dean
  • The Venerable Stephanie Shepard: Archdeacons and Dean
  • The Venerable Richard Leggett: Bishop's Clergy Appointment without voice or vote
  • The Very Reverend Chris Pappas: Bishop's Clergy Appointment
  • George Cadman, KC, ODNW, AAM: Chancellor
  • Kevin Smith, ODNW: Vice-Chancellor
  • Donald Paul, ODNW: Registrar
  • Jennifer Dezell, ODNW: Legal Assessor
STAFF SUPPORT (without voice or vote)
  • The Reverend Tellison Glover
  • The Venerable Philippa Pride
  • Shailene Caparas
  • September 16 (day long retreat)
  • October 4
  • November 1

BACK ROW left to right: The Venerable Richard Leggett; The Venerable Stephanie Shepard; Ryan Bowie; Kevin Smith; The Reverend James Hwang; The Venerable Stephen Muir; Bishop John Stephens; The Reverend Tellison Glover; Bob Hardy, ODNW; The Very Reverend Christopher A. Pappas; The Reverend Andrew Halladay; The Reverend Amanda Ruston; George Cadman; KC, AAM, ODNW

FRONT ROW SEATED left to right: The Reverend Laurel Dahill; Ann Turner; Frances Fagan, ODNW; Shailene Caparas; The Reverend Justin Cheng; Deirdre Thornton; The Reverend Joyce Parry-Moore

ABSENT FROM THE PHOTO: The Venerable Philippa Pride; The Reverend Simbarashe Basvi; Teofilo Bosaing, ODNW; Don Thompson, Meg Stevens; Jennifer Dezell, ODNW; Donald Paul, ODNW