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There is an invitation for you dear sibling

Sent to you from the Master above,

Your name is engraved with the heavenly pen

And the edges are trimmed with pure gold.  


For no one would see you as worthy

Except our Master and friend,

You were destined dear one to be invited

So come, the Master’s waiting for you.  


Your welcome drink is chilled ‘n waiting

To be sipped from the chalice of love,

Appetizers, entrees, desserts are aplenty

Spread there, choose now and enjoy.


Yes, in the banquet hall of the Master

Great provisions have already been made,

We give thanks always to the Master

For lavishing us with rich feast.  


Aye this - a taste of divine feasting!

'Til in glory we’ll gather at last,

For the heavenly feast awaits the faithful,

With the Master in the high banquet hall.