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This a day that I want to honour my brother Terry, my sister Sylvia and our late sister Phyllis. They all went to residential school.

Terry and Sylvia are survivors and our sister Phyllis passed away after going to residential school, she still passed away too young. Please give hugs and prayers to your parents and grandparents because they hold many unspoken stories and they carry some painful stories with them. They need us now and they need loving and caring.

I also want to honour our mother Joan, our granny Stella for their bravery in letting us all be sent away from their loving, caring teachings and them not being able to give hugs to us and tell us stories about our people. (I did not go to residential school but was sent lower mainland to go school)

There are many stories and people need to listen because this horrific story is still alive today.

Hugs to our villages on the Nass River and all the Rivers where moms and grannies had to send their children away to residential school.