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I – I who am human made in the image of God

C – Came to this earth for a purpose from the Divine;
A – Ambitious to serve in the best way that I could,
N – Nurtured by a Mama who loved us unto death,
T – Thankful for her teachings to value humankind.

B – Building my community, one youth at a time

R – Raising and showing little Gianna how to live
E – Earth-strong and beautiful, loving and kind.
A – Aim for the stars and breathe and breath again
T – That breath, my last, gives you strength young champion
H – Hug your Mommy Roxie and trust in your good God, for in
E - Eternity we'll meet again with Daddy Floyd and your Grandma.

I sat in my home shrine in British Columbia, Canada, watching Mom's flowing tears as she clutched little Gianna, and I felt her pain. I then wondered how Gianna would be feeling at six years old to be going through this sad moment in her life. I thought that if she had her personal piece of Dad in a Poem, it might mean something to her as days roll into weeks, into months, into years. So I sat down and wrote this piece giving a little positive spin on Dad's last words “I Can't Breathe”. I hope it will mean a lot to Gianna in years to come.

Written by Rev. Miranda O. Sutherland, June 2, 2020 at 8:30am

May your soul rest in peace George Floyd.


Gianna Floyd, 6 (Image from Stephen Jackson's Instagram)