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Jesus, Good Master, Rabbi, Teacher of the Word,

Help me to listen to you and know your voice and act.

You call me to demonstrate love to everyone, even to my enemies.  Help me, show me how to love my enemies.  But, who are my enemies, Lord?  I may not know my enemies, but you know them.

Help me to always be good to those who hate me,

I ask you O Jesus to help me to bless those who curse me, 

Give me a willing heart to pray for those who abuse me. 


It is hard Lord, to literally offer the other cheek if anyone strikes me on one cheek, 

but show me how to do that Jesus.

You say that if anyone takes away my coat, I am to even give them more of my clothes – this is another hard one Jesus; but since you say so, show me how to do this with love and contentment.

Help me O Jesus to give to everyone who begs from me; did you say everyone?  

And help me to refuse to ask back for goods that are taken away from me, because through me, others will receive.

Let my love for you shine through in my relationship with all people. 

Your word has become the golden rule of life to many “Do to others as I would have them do to me”.  Lord Jesus, help me to live this rule of life, to please you.

I ask your forgiveness where I falter.  Let your love shine through me to others.

Help me to seek to always wear my “Jesus Glasses” so that I may not be partial in how I live and share your love which was first shed abroad in my heart by God.

Help me to see your unconditional love, your impartial love and your unmerited grace and favour extended to all of us; all of us.

Help me to know that your credit of priceless and limitless forgiveness is made available to me when I love all people from my heart, irrespective of.  

This is what you are saying to me Lord in this passage, Love.  Love.  Love one another as I have loved and continue to you.

Help me to love not as the world loves, but as you love; to love all without distinction.  

Let your love shine through me O Lord.  Light your love flame within my heart

You are serious about bridging relationship gaps Jesus, that you have said it a second time “love your enemies”, calling me to do good, and to lend, expecting nothing in return. Lord, I heard you the first time.  But I think I understand.  

This second time is addressed to everyone.   

You are calling all of us Lord to love and offering us your divine promise of great reward. 

Help us Lord Jesus to understand this commandment of love with a promise - “we will become children of the Most High”; for God is kind to everyone including the ungrateful and the wicked. 


Thank you Jesus for calling us to be merciful, just as God is merciful and to leave all judgement and condemnation in God’s hands. 

Forgive me Lord knowing that your call to those who forgive is with promise.  

Let me be quick to forgive in full measure, holding nothing back; forgive in full measure!

Let my faith look up to you O Lamb of Calvary to love you more and others as myself.  

Lead me to recognize more and more your unfolding mysterious abundant gift that will forever be placed into my lap, when I forgive - “A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over” 

This is Amazing Grace!