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After furthering his education at VST, which was followed by ordination, a curacy at Christ Church Cathedral and an eight month incumbency at St. Clement's, Lynn Valley, the Reverend André M. Stephany returned to Europe in the spring of 2021 to continue his ministry. Originally from Germany, Rev. Stephany is currently a research assistant at Bern University in Switzerland. 

On July 1, 2021 his first book, My Dishwasher Theology was published. It is an easy and accessible run through the big questions of Christian Faith, as the role of the Bible, heaven and hell, prayer, salvation... According to André,

"I think it would be a good resource for study groups or those with a developing interest in Christianity."

The description of the book supplied by the publisher is as follows:

If you want to get to the core questions of Christian faith with members of a Christian faith community, you have to wash the dishes with them after the Sunday coffee hour. That is where the big questions are asked and discussed. That is where the learning happens and the deep spiritual experiences can form disciples. This book tries to provide ministers, seminarians or interested Christians with food for thought for some of the typical questions you would encounter when washing the dishes with parishioners. “Do you believe in the Bible?”, “Are not all religions the same?”, “What about heaven and hell?”. This book tries not to give finished answers, but intends to help the reader to develop an answer themselves.

The book is available on Amazon here or via direct order from the publisher.