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For the first time ever, General Synod 2016 has an app!

From the GS website: “The General Synod 2016 app contains the Convening Circular and all the information that delegates will need for the meeting. An event guide includes pre-Synod travel help, reports, resolutions, orientation videos, the Handbook of General Synod, a list of members and special guests, and a convenient search tool.”

I (Melanie) have already downloaded it and updated my profile.  The only glitch I have experienced so far is that you can’t schedule anything the day before the synod starts, so any meetings planned in the day(s) before have to be noted elsewhere.  I love that you can get the full circular and can also link otyher social media accounts (facebook, twitter) to the app.  Fun for those of us who are "into" these things, but I wonder if the app will highlight the "generation gap" in terms of technological know-how and media use.