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 In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic there are many who may be searching for that for which they can be thankful.  As one listens to, and/or watches the news channels, one could become quite depressed. Restrictions on gathering, eating in or out, family gatherings reduced, masks on more than off, vaccinations no longer optional, and some contrarians labelling the whole matter a hoax. If we pile on shootings, starvation, overdoses, and terror activities, along side of the storms and volcanoes and earthquakes, we end up in emotional (and possibly physical) chaos.

So, I pause before each meal and think,"I am thankful that I have this good food." I can add on the title for the Holy One,  the Creator and the name of Jesus. I can go walking in safe surroundings through trails along the waterways. I see birds and critters, with people walking puppy dogs. I can join others in a variety of meetings and activities and I can freely share in that which is going on in a positive way. Each day I am in contact with several of my family, connecting the fibres that make the inter-generations whole. I sleep well at night, knowing that today was okay and I have done my bit. Tomorrow I will have another go at it.

I am surrounded by people from all walks of life, and representative of many cultures and faiths. We in Canada are a fortunate lot, enriched by such diversity. This land is our land...whether we came here millennium ago, or centuries only, or just yesterday. But the land is only on loan to us.  We need to tread carefully.

Yes, I shall pause and be most grateful this Harvest Thanksgiving. To each of you who reads this note, I am thankful for you and trust that you will be indeed blessed by God this weekend. and into the times yet to come.

  I will pause and say, "Yes, I am thankful.," naming God and acknowledging  Jesus for this opportunity.  Amen!