Diocesan Youth Movement
Our Mission: To energize youth ministry in the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster through partnerships, events, and training (THAT ROCK!)

Diocesan-wide initiatives led by a group of youth workers, young people, and those involved with youth ministry.

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Godly Play
Discover the transformative world of Godly Play, a Montessori-inspired method of spiritual development that encompasses:
  • Storytelling: Engaging narratives that connect children to essential spiritual themes.
  • Prayer: Cultivating a sense of communion with the divine through heartfelt expressions.
  • Art: Encouraging creative exploration as a means of connecting with faith.
  • Silence: Providing space for reflection, fostering a deeper connection to God.
  • Liturgy: Introducing children to the rhythm and significance of worship.
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Messy Church

A relaxed, informal church for the whole family with crafts, songs, drama, and food