Approved Liturgical Texts
Diocesan Customary
Draft version November 2023

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Authorized Versions of the Bible for Use in Public Worship
The Doctrine and Worship Committee recommended the following Bible versions for use in the Diocese of New Westminster, as approved by the House of Bishops in 1991.

1.    New Revised Standard Version, 1989 and NRSVue, 2021
2.    Revised English Bible, 1989
3.    King James (Authorized Version), 1611
4.    Revised Standard Version (and its revision as Common Bible), 1952
5.    New American Bible, 1970
6.    Today’s English Version (Good News), 1976
7.    New International Version, 1978
8.    New Jerusalem, 1985

Request to Use Alternative Liturgical Text(s)
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Application Form Principles
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