Listening provides the space for people to tell their stories, their experiences. 

To learn, we need to listen. 

Being open and listening can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. 

Through listening we can build connections and understanding of how the past has shaped our present.   

Listening to Experiences

Some helpful resources to guide you towards "Listening to Experiences"
Unreserved with Rosanna Deerchild - Podcast on CBC

Unreserved is the radio space for Indigenous voices – our cousins, our aunties, our elders, our heroes. Rosanna Deerchild guides us on the path to better understand our shared story. Together, we learn and unlearn, laugh and become gentler in all our relations.

Phyllis Webstad's story - Orange Shirt Society

Phyllis Webstad explains the story of her experience at Residential School and the origination of Orange Shirt Day in Canada (September 30). She discusses the present situation and her hopes for the future.

Residential School Survivor Stories

This is a collection of video interviews with residential school survivors from across the country. They are generously made available by the Legacy of Hope foundation.

The Story of a National Crime

In 1907, Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce wrote a pamphlet exposing the deadly and cruel conditions of residential schools. This is a five part podcast which tells the story of Bryce's investigation and the enduring impacts on the health and well-being of indigenous people by government policies and institutions such as sanatoria and segregated hospitals.

Bones of Crows (movie and/or tv series)

Movie: Bones of Crows is a 2022 Canadian drama film, written, produced, and directed by Marie Clements. The film stars Grace Dove as Aline Spears, a Cree woman who survives the Indian residential school system to become a code talker for the Canadian Air Force during World War II.
TV Series: Bones of Crows CBC Television produced a five-hour limited series, which delves more deeply into Spears' extended family history over 100 years.