In 2007, then-Chief Herald of Canada, Mr. Robert Watt, created a diocesan Badge at the request of and with the aid of members of the diocese involved in communications. The badge is a proper heraldic symbol for use on diocesan and parish materials. It incorporates key elements of the diocesan Coat of Arms but is less detailed, and the Badge is easier to reproduce properly than the very detailed Coat of Arms.                                  

The Badge is available in colour, greyscale, one-colour (blue usually), and black and white. See the manual for more information. These are available in both EPS and JPG format. For printing and advanced graphic applications use EPS and for website and other materials use JPG. There are PNG transparencies for web and print.

The Badge should normally be used with the names of the diocese and the national Church: “Diocese of New Westminster, Anglican Church of Canada.”

If you need the Badge in other formats or sizes, please contact the diocesan Communications Officer at 604-684-6306 ext. 223.

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