The Anglican Initiatives Fund was established in 1988 by the Diocese of New Westminster to respond to important ministry needs and fund new initiatives that will guide our church for generations to come. The Fund provides the opportunity for individuals to be a part of this response to God’s call to service by making a meaningful investment in the mission of our church. Through the vision and generosity of our donors, we are able to move beyond a ‘maintenance’ model of ministry to become a vital and dynamic influence in our society.

1)      PURPOSES:

The purposes of the Fund are to:

a)     enable the Diocese of New Westminster to respond faithfully to God's call to minister in a wide field of mission;

b)     provide a permanent established fund to which persons may contribute; and

c)      provide enough flexibility to ensure that funds designated to special areas of ministry today can continue to be enlisted constructively in the mission of the Church as the needs of the Church today change to the needs of the Church tomorrow.


a)     Human Resources:  The purpose is to improve and augment the human resources available in the Diocese for the ministry of the Church.

b)     Anglican Church Growth: The purpose is to provide personnel and facilities for projects designed to evangelize within the Diocese such as the development or expansion of existing or new parishes including human resources and/or buildings; or the building or equipping or refitting or rebuilding of parochial, Diocesan, Diocesan related and ecumenical facilities or shared facilities.

c)      New Ministries: The purpose is to provide financial support for innovative new ministries at the parish or Diocesan level and to continue such funding until such Ministry is integrated into a regular budget at the Diocesan, parish or extra-parochial level.

d)     Outreach Ministry: The purpose is to provide funding for Ministry which touches the lives of those in need in society in general and to continue such funding until such Ministry shall be come integrated into a regular budget at the Diocesan, parish or extra-parochial level; and/or for the purpose of responding at short notice to situations in the community calling for concerned Christian response.

e)      Deceased Clergy’s Family Support: The purpose is to provide support and assistance to spouses and children of deceased clergy.


a)     The Administrators accept all gifts of money and property to the Fund except where they are of the opinion that the gift may not be able to be used properly in the spirit of the Fund.

b)     Donors are encouraged to make undesignated gifts in order to ensure that the flexibility of purpose envisioned for the Fund may be achieved.

c)      The Administrators may permit a gift or gifts to be made to a designated area in which case the Administrators shall ensure that use of such gift shall be restricted to the designated area.


a)     The administrators of the Fund are the Bishop, the Diocesan Chancellor and Treasurer, and four administrators (two clergy, two laypersons) elected by Diocesan Synod.

b)     Support for the Fund and its administrators is provided by the Director of Finance.


Inquiries regarding Anglican Initiatives Fund may be directed to:

Shailene Caparas
Director of Finance
Tel: (604) 684-6306, Local 214

Mailing address and fax number:

Anglican Initiatives Fund
Diocese of New Westminster
1410 Nanton Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V6H 2E2
Fax: (604) 684-7017

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