This Lent, choose from a number of recommended resources to take the journey from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week (February 26 - April 11, 2020). Choices include small group gatherings or individual study and they are available online and in print. You can scroll down or download the menu here. For further Lenten resources, you can also check out the Lent and Holy Week "boards" on the diocesan Pinterest account. 

Small Group Courses

This sensory rich 5 week course explores core symbols of human life and the church: light, water, food, shelter, community.

Worship engages our deepest human needs and has the power to transform our lives. Join the Brothers of SSJE in exploring the signs and symbols at the heart of Christian worship. 

This free offering encourages individuals and groups to explore the riches of our worship traditions, liturgy and sacraments, and the art and architecture of our worship spaces, revealing the full meaning of these signs, deepening our experience of Christian vocation and guiding us toward ongoing conversion. You can pick and choose from a number of different resources: daily emails, small group resources, a lenten calendar, videos, and a podcast

A five-week course that pairs a six to thirteen minute TED Talk with a passage from Scripture. Discussion questions invite groups to talk about how their faith connects with daily life. Topics include everyday leadership, doubt, identity, community, and perseverance. This could work well with different generations including youth, middle-aged adults, and elders. It's a free resource adapted by the diocese of New Westminster and available in a booklet here:

A six week discussion-based course on how to talk authentically with people about the difference the Christian way makes in our lives. Each session is accompanied by a video, opening prayers, a reflection, discussion, and scripture. Created by a group from the Diocese of Toronto, it's a free, easy-to-use course that could work in Lent and other times of the year.

Lenten Daily Emails

Sign-up for a daily email through the 40 days of Lent with a private Facebook group to discuss and join in online community. This devotional also comes as a downloadable booklet with a small group facilitator's guide. Living Compass is an organization that helps parishes and people to grow in wellness spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and organizationally so that they can grow in love and service to their neighbour.

Each day in Lent, a daily reading and reflection on the gospel reading for the day is offered. The primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Archbishop Linda Nicholls, starts it off for the first week, and she'll be followed by Canadian Anglican voices for the rest of the season. A nice feature is that the reflections may be read or listened to each day. The reflections also teach Gospel-based discipleship, a practice developed by the Anglican Church of Canada's Indigenous Ministries.

This is a daily email, plus devotional booklets for adults and kids, and an app. Each day includes scripture, a reflection on God's creation, prayer, and suggestions for action. It's help for living out one of our baptismal vows.


Book study

This book explores a fresh take on the risks Jesus took to accomplish what he did during Holy Week. It grounds him in the Jewish milieu of his time and offers new insight into our Christian experiences today. Leader guide and dvd also available.


Resources are selected on the basis of a number of criteria:

  • Affordable - several of the resources are free to use, including all of the small group courses and both of the daily emails, while the book is moderately priced
  • Anglican - priority is given to resources written or developed by Anglican authors, churches or organizations. Except for the book study, all of the resources include Anglican sources and Amy Jill- Levine has taught in several Episcopal seminaries and parishes.
  • Accessible - all of the resources are either available online or from large publishers/distributors so that parish leaders can access, print, and review them in a timely way. They also require little preparation or set-up time and often come with leader guides and promotional materials.