Please find linked below a list of clergy who have confirmed their willingness to provide clergy supply.

To use the list, first check whether the person is available in your Deanery or Area, before making contact. On the right are columns specifying availability for Sundays and/or weekdays. (Where there are gaps, this is because we do not have this information.)  Finally, check whether the priest you wish to contact, already has plans to be away on the dates you have in mind, and see whether any additional notes apply.

Contact information for the priests on the supply list can be found in your parish copy of the Diocesan Directory.  If you require further assistance you can contact Bill Siksay, Executive Assistant to the Bishop's and Executive Archdeacon's Office. 

Clergy Supply Rates and Mileage Allowance - 2022

One Sunday Service - $275

Two Sunday Services - $325

Three Sunday Services - $350

Evening or Midweek Service - $150

plus transportation at $0.59 per km (minimum of $8.25)