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The intention of these monthly gatherings is to deepen into our Centering Prayer practice and the contemplative life. Each session will include the practice of Centering Prayer along with teachings by Father Thomas Keating and other material.

January 31 Zoom, Feb 28 & Mar 28 In person (if regulations lift)

Facilitated by Katherine Murray, Elaine Chatwin, and Christine Kesans.

Katherine Murray is passionate about connecting with God and spiritual transformation. She loves to create sacred spaces where we can be still and know that God is within and all around. She is a postulant for ordination to the diaconate in the Diocese of New Westminster.

Elaine Chatwin's spiritual path became HOME for her heart and soul when she discovered the practice of Centering Prayer about 8 years ago. The contemplative life draws her deeply to God and she is a lover of all that God authors. In particular, she resonates with God’s banquet of Beauty and Creation. Life with husband-children-grandchildren-and her dog Sophie keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

Christine Kesans is Chapter Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver and is a Commissioned Presenter of the Introduction to Centering Prayer Program. She is a facilitator and organizer of days of silence, workshops, and retreats alongside fellow servant leaders transmitting the contemplative dimension of the gospel. Christine is a wife, mum to two grown sons, a former nurse, and a crisis counselor.

Suggested Registration $20 $10 $5 

As we offer an honourarium to our facilitators for their work, registration is pay-what-you-can. Consider choosing your registration fee in a way that will help others with theirs. Let's ensure this is accessible to all. All events have a no cost registration option.


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