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Open your heart to the mystery and wonder of the Advent season by taking part in Advent Lessons & Carols. This candlelit, music-filled service is designed to help you start your journey toward Christmas. 

Christ Church Cathedral and the Cathedral Choir, under the direction of Rupert Lang, present Advent Lessons and Carols as an offering to the whole Vancouver community. Lessons are interspersed with hymns and sacred music that, together, foretell the birth of Jesus. 

Whether you are simply a lover of choral music or someone seeking deeper meaning during this season, you are welcome to take part in this service which is truly one of the highlights of the Advent season.

You are invited to join in the prayers and singing of the hymns, as we make our offering of prayer and worship. Much of this service is sung by the choir. However, as the choir offers its music, we are released from the need to form our own words and phrases. When music and words come together and enrich each other, our senses and intellects, our hearts and minds are drawn closer to God, who is present in our worship.

All are welcome.