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On November 11, at the going down of the sun, communities across Canada will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War with the ringing of 100 bells. The ringing of bells emulates the moment in 1918 when church bells across Europe tolled as four years of war had come to an end.

In order to create a unified action in Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion (Canada Veteran's Affairs) are requesting that all Churches/House of Worship/Religious Organizations in Canada who possess a bell(s) participate in the following activities:

  • Engage all community Churches/House of Worship/Religious Organizations (equipped with bells) to request their individual assistance;
  • The bell(s) to be tolled 100 times with 5 seconds between tolls;
  • Each community bell would start the ringing at the going down of the sun on November 11, as per the sunset timing in their area. 
  • In most areas of the Diocese of New Westminster sunset will be 4:36pm PST
  • If possible, engage the youth in the community to be part of the bell ringing process and:
  • As a prelude to this event they are contacting al schools across Canada to request that Canadian youth search out those that served in WW! and place a small Canadian flag on that person's grave.

It has also been requested that any community Churches/House of Worship/Religious Organizations that are willing to be involved in this activity to please send an email to Patricia Gagne at the Legion advising of the following:

  • What areas/locations will be participating in the ringing of the Bells?
  • The contact name of the person who is distributing the information.
  • Will you be conducting other initiatives that will commemorate the 100 year signing of the Armistice in your Commnunity and if yes what are the activities?

Churches with bells in the Diocese of New Westminster are certainly encouraged to participate, so please share the information about Bells of Peace on your electronic sites and if possible arrange to ring the bells on November 11 and send an email to the address already linked above to let them know.

You should also be aware that local Legion Branches in your Communities may also be reaching out in your local Communities to request involvement.

Please click for more information about Bells of Peace.