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Bible Series on 'Paul: The Man We Thought We Knew'. Five weekly sessions from 6 to 7pm weekly until February 15th. The next session is January 25th.
Meeting ID: 973 9081 6539


Join Rev. Eric Mason and Olav Slaymaker as they guide us through an in-depth study of Paul: The Man We Thought We Knew, where we'll study his conversion, missionary journey and teachings as we journey down the path of discovery to Paul's transformation.

Our study of Paul begins with him as a young man given authority to aid in the persecution of early Christians. The martyrdom of Stephen made a significant and permanent impact on him and changed his direction and focus. Areas to consider, ponder and discuss: 
  • Why is there no 'Book of Paul' in the New Testament?
  • Apostle Paul performs miracles? We'll uncover some!
  • God, through Jesus, spoke to Paul and we'll study the implications and meaning.

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