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September 9, 2015, is the day that two organizations in Canada encourage everyone to celebrate Elizabeth II’s reign exceeding that of Queen Victoria, making her according to one of the organization's website "the longest-reigning monarch of Canada in the modern historical era" (she is actually the longest serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom of Great Britain). The two organizations, Canadian Royal Heritage Trust and The Monarchist League of Canada have requested that Bishop Skelton circulate information to the parishes of the diocese of New Westminster about ways to commemorate this milestone.  

Canadian Royal Heritage Trust have invited municipalities, public institutions and places of worship from coast to coast to coast to ring their bells and sound their sirens at 12:15pm local time on September 9, 2015 to mark the Queen’s “outstanding record”. Here is a quote from The Bells For The Queen section of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust website: “By ringing the bells at 12:15 p.m. local time, an hourly wave of sound will sweep Canada from eastern coast to western coast on Her Majesty’s special day.” For more information please click the link and visit the page.  

Robert Finch, Dominion Chair of The Monarchist League of Canada asked that Bishop Skelton “encourage bishops and diocesan clergy to include The Queen in public prayer and/or consider holding a special service of Thanksgiving on September 9th or the Sunday following, September 13. This would be an appropriate way for her peoples to thank God for her service, and to intercede for her happiness and well-being during the remainder of her Reign as Queen of Canada."  

The Monarchist League of Canada provided a sampling of prayers for the occasion which are downloadable below. The Sunday following the milestone date is September 13 when most churches will celebrate the Feast of Holy Cross.

A number of sources list September 10 as the most accurate date marking the milestone, however as of late August 2015, the September 9 date remains.