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You are invited to Cafe Church on the first Saturday of every month at 4pm in the St. John's lounge. We'll have tea, coffee and goodies, and a special Guest Speaker who will introduce us to their unique, engaging topic. There will be interactive conversation, music, and a time for prayer and reflection. All are welcome. Please drop in.

Program Of Guest Speakers

  • October 5, Peter Haigh, North Shore Rescue Team
  • November 2:  Two Veterans and a Chaplain, Serving Canada
  • December 7: The Three Amigos, "What Advent Means To Me"
  • February 1: Donna Lawrence: Long, Long Night Of Hope
  • March 7: Rev. Karen Urquhart, Medical Use of Cannabis
  • April 4: Rev Laurel Dykstra, The Ministry of Sala and Cedar
  • May 2: Pathways Society, Awareness of Mental Illness
  • June 6: Mayor Linda Buchanan, "What Makes A Community"