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Join us for the webinar to help make your parishes safer! It is our responsibility to Safeguard our young and vulnerable populations, and the best way is through thorough Safeguarding practices.
The Screening in Faith Process is an essential part of keeping parishes safe for the people we serve. Compliance with this policy is required by the Diocese, yet how it looks on the ground in terms of who needs what level of Police Record Check and what the Online Safe Church Training looks like and how it works, are a whole other ball game. In this session, we are looking to assist parishes in the process, answer questions and go over the process, and even some scenarios that might aid parishes in following this policy with ease.
Our presenter will be Lauren Odile Pinkney who is the Screening in Faith Facilitator and Safe Church Administrator for the Ecclesiastical Province. She has also spent 4 years in Social Work on the Downtown Eastside and has managed multiple youth projects across her professional career as well as having a Master's from VST and a Bachelors's in Faith-Based & Secular Youth Work. The session will also include a Q&A about the current policy, upcoming updates to the policy and system as well as time to explore the Aramtus Safe Church Online Training. Lauren will be joined by Rev. Katherine Hough to explore the policy and answer any questions you may have.
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Time: June 23, 06:00 PM - 7:30pm
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