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A church in touch with the community, with God's love we offer hope and fellowship, touching lives through beautiful music and liturgy.  Everyone is welcome who walks through our doors with care and support for anyone who asks for it.  We are joyful fellow travellers on a spiritual journey. We believe that all of us are born with meaning and purpose and that God helps us to discover them through our relationships with each other, our community and our world. Our spirituality is grounded in the writings of the Bible, interpreted through reason and the traditions of the church as they apply to the realities of our 21st Century world.

We believe that God loves us and cares for us, so we try to show that love and compassion to the people we meet. Whether it be in times of trouble, like helping with the funeral of a loved one, ongoing support through difficult times, or simply providing the opportunity to make new friends through the various groups in our welcoming community, St. Dunstan's is there for you.