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A charismatic family-friendly Anglican church where all are welcome. 

Whether you’re a follower of Jesus, or you haven’t made your mind up about who Jesus is and what the Christian Faith is all about, or if you haven’t been to church for years and you’d like to find a church to call home we’d love to invite you to join us at St. George Maple Ridge.  

We believe that Jesus Christ doesn't just offer us eternal life, he came so that we might have life in all its fullness now. So we are a community with a clear purpose to live and share the Good News of Jesus Christ both as we gather and as we go to those places where God has put us in the whole of our lives.

9.30am Sunday Morning Worship

What does our service look like?

Everyone has their preferences around music, service length, how long the sermon should be and so on. The worship committee and staff and volunteer teams continue to work hard to bring together elements of traditional and contemporary worship and liturgy. We can’t please everyone all the time – and it’s always good to remember that worship isn’t for us, it’s all for the Glory of God.

Watch the latest service here.

Coffee and tea will be ready from 9.15, and you are welcome to come and enjoy a brew before the service starts. Some people like to sit in the church itself and spend some time in prayer before the service, and we also have the chapel open for private prayer.

We are able to Livestream our service through our website and YouTube so we do always start on time. Following the welcome there will be a block of sung worship at the start, including our band with piano, guitar, vocals and percussion. If you find the singing too loud then feel free to sit out in the foyer for the first few minutes of the service and enjoy a coffee or tea. Music during the middle of the service will be quieter.

We start the service worshipping all-together and then after about 15 minutes the children head out to their St G’s kids group. Guests and new families are asked to check-in with the children’s team near the church entrance before sending your children to the group.

We then have announcements, followed by readings, sermon and prayers of intercession. Typically this will then be followed by communion. During the distribution of bread and wine we invite everyone to come forward to receive and video music is playing – feel free to sing and join in, sit and listen as you wish. The Prayer Ministry team is available at the front side of the church if you have specific prayer needs and would like someone to pray for you.

We then have a lively sending song and a blessing and after the service the prayer ministry team will continue to be available for ministry time. Sometimes there will be an extended time of worship available after the service officially finishes for folks who want to stay in that space a little longer.

Coffee and tea in the foyer follows the service and you can stand at one of the standing tables, or sit down in the cafe.


We also have 9am daily morning prayer at the church Monday to Saturday. The service is live-streamed on our YouTube channel and website. 

Through the week we have 7 Lifegroups meeting in peoples' homes to study the bible, pray and build friendships with each other. Weekday activities include Baby Cafe for new-ish parents and babies, Youth Group for grades 7 and up and Oasis for ages 50+. If you would like to know more or have questions before you visit please do get in touch or have a look at our website. 

Our sermons, or talks, are where we dig into the Bible for inspiring in-depth teaching that's relevant to life today. 

Take a look on our website or YouTube page to watch the latest talks.

23500 Dewdney Trunk Road

Maple Ridge, BC

V2X 3L8

phone 604 463 9622
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Parish Clergy & Staff

Rector & Lead Pastor
The Reverend David Edgerton

The Reverend Melody Pearson

Lay Associate Pastor
Roxanne Bruendl

Youth & Children's Pastor

Office Administrator
Mary-Lou White

Service Times

All regular services are open for in-person and live-streamed on our website and YouTube.

9.30am Morning Worship

Monday to Saturday:
9am Morning Prayer