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Thinking of everyone beginning school! Here is the special blessing we prayed for you all at St. John's this past week...

"A Blessing for a New School Year"

Gracious God, we pray for everyone in our lives who is looking ahead to a new school year, from kindergarten all the way to university--students and their families; teachers and aides, educational assistants, professors; principals, deans, secretaries, and other administrative staff; janitors and maintenance staff, school nurses, technical support, bus drivers and crossing guards, tutors, volunteers; and everyone else who is part of school communities everywhere.

Comfort them if they are ever sad or scared about how things may be uncertain or hard to adjust to. Help them to be strong and peaceful, brave and able to adapt. Let them see and celebrate all that is new and exciting and fun in this new year.

We pray for students who will be learning in their school buildings, and others who will be learning virtually from home. We give thanks for the wisdom and love and care that went into considering and deciding about each possibility and choice.

Help students to learn and grow this year, and give them focus, hope, joy and laughter. Nurture ways of being with friends and of building community. Give those who teach lots of ideas and energy. Give staff and volunteers the wisdom and knowledge they need, in all the ways that they support learning. Give everyone patience and a good sense of humour. Keep everyone safe and healthy.

And we pray most of all, God, be with everyone in all of this, and shower your blessings on this new school year.

In Jesus’ name. AMEN.