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St. Paul’s Advocacy Office has started something new this year. -- Buy a Christmas Gift for someone in need.

Our clients consist mostly of the needy, disabled, homeless and low income seniors, vulnerable members of society (see the biographies included)

The Special Twist is that you pick the gift from their own wish list.

You will know you are giving something that’s needed and wanted.

All you do is go to website and pick a person you want to give to and a gift, follow the easy directions.

Drop the wrapped gift with the recipient’s name on it off at the Advocacy Office by December 17th (Office Hours Mon & Wed 9:30-4:00, Thurs 10:00-2:30)

Donations can also be made through the website.

Talk to Ellen for more information:
e-mail or call
604 683-4287 or drop in to St. Paul’s Advocacy Office at 1130 Jervis St.