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Monday-Friday Morning Prayer is a recent ministry (since COVID) at Christ Church Cathedral. The Reverend André Stephany at the time of the ministry start-up was assistant curate at the parish and he was appointed chaplain.  Subsequently, Rev. Stephany concluded his ministry at the diocesan cathedral in August 2020, and began an incumbency as Rector of St. Clement’s, Lynn Valley. Folks who participate in the Morning Prayer community wanted to give André a gift to thank him. Since he’s no longer at the Cathedral, and able to use the liturgical vestments, they thought he could use a new stole. André said he’d really appreciate a purple stole for use in Lent, so fabric artist, Thomas Roach, ODNW was contracted to create one.  Thomas looked at the purple fabric he had on hand, and found that there would be enough fabric from the Lenten set he had made in 2019. This set was a gift to the cathedral from the late Canon Douglas E. Williams. Reverend Stephany is tall so it was fortunate that there was enough fabric to make an extra long stole.  

The Morning Prayer community is very pleased with the stole! When Cathedral Vicar, the Reverend Helen Dunn was shown these photographs she said,

“Absolutely exquisite, and a ‘made to order’ stole is the only way André could get one long enough. I do like how smoothly the stole fits at the back of the neck. No wrinkles. Thanks again.”

Many thanks to Ginger Shaw, ODNW and Lorna Orr for submitting this story and the photos.

(Written with files from Ginger Shaw)