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Last year, Iwan Russell- Jones, Peterson Professor of Religion & the Arts, Regent College and Gerald Hobbs, Professor Emeritus of Church History & Music, Vancouver School of Theology undertook a performance on January 6th, Epiphany Sunday evening,of W.H. Auden’s For theTime Being: a Christmas Oratorio, in the VST Chapel of the Epiphany, with the cooperation of a number of UBC institutions.
They are now preparing a presentation of a second Auden masterpiece, his series of seven shorter poems entitled Horae Canonicae (“The Canonical Hours”). In this work, Auden uses the framework of the seven traditional hours of prayer in Christian monastic life, to engage poetic reflection upon the death of Christ, set in the world of the 1950’s. After a brief introduction, the poems will be read, with short musical interludes between each of the readings provided by UBC musicians.

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