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I am devastated by the heart breaking news that 49 human beings participating in prayers at two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand were murdered today. I echo the words of our primate, Fred Hiltz, and commend his pastoral message linked here to all of you. Please share it broadly.

Be present today and in the upcoming days as people gather together to remember those murdered and injured. I urge you to include everyone involved in this tragedy in your prayers.

The Christchurch massacre makes me think of the Interfaith Service of Prayer that took place at Christ Church Cathedral in the wake of the Quebec Mosque shootings, January 29, 2017. Imam, Shujaath Ali chanted readings from the Quran in Arabic and then translated the verses. This was some of what he shared:

“Humanity is one family for we all share in the same ancestry”

“Human dignity is a God-given gift to all regardless of race.”

“All religious traditions acknowledge the sanctity of life. Anyone who takes a human life has murdered all mankind, anyone who saves a human life, saves all of mankind”

May Christ, who is God’s own compassion and peace, be with us all as we continue to pray that all violence and division cease and that those who suffer and mourn will be comforted.

In Christ,