Barbara Struthers with Hannah and Aniesa (John Struthers photo)

The Parsons Terrier: Mia's Surprising Fox Hunt by Esther North with illustrations by Helen Broadfoot.

We really liked the story a lot. We enjoyed hearing how much the fox and Mia were so much alike. Mia reminded us of our Nana and Papas dog Poppy.

We were glad to read that the story was not about a real fox hunt (with a live fox) because we didn’t like the idea of dogs and huntsmen chasing after a poor little fox. We thought the pictures were great and we could see that Mia was a smart and curious little dog.

We didn’t know about fox hunts until we read this book and were interested in finding out what it was all about. We will read this book to our little brother Maddox when he gets older.

Aniesa is 8 and Hannah 6. The books author, the Rev. Esther North, is a retired priest of the diocese.