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In the fall of 2020, an article was written in the Anglican Journal of the hardship the Reverend Jonas Alloloo had in finding accommodation after his retirement in Iqulait, Nunavut.

The ACW (Anglican Church Women) Board of the Diocese of New Westminster discussed the possibility of offering financial assistance to the Rev. Alloloo and after much discussion, thought that there are probably others like him who would have difficulty finding accommodation after they retire, when they had been living in church accommodation while serving.

The diocesan ACW have contacted the chair of the Council of the North, Bishop David Lehmann, to discuss this and have learned that many of the clergy in the Council of the North are non-stipendiary and do not receive a pension from the Anglican church on retirement.

There are 9 dioceses in the Council of the North, 3 of which are in British Columbia. Salaries for clergy in the Council of the North are substantially less than in the rest of Canada while expenses for everyday living: i.e.: food, internet, hydro, etc., is much more costly than in the southern section of Canada.

The ACW Board has offered an amount of $100,000. to the Council of the North to administer to retired clergy. This will be held by the Anglican Foundation.

While $100,000. sounds like a lot of money, when divided between the 9 dioceses of the Council of the North it is only $11,000 per diocese. A challenge was made to all National ACW’s and others across Canada to increase the initial amount of the fund. Several ACW groups in other dioceses have replied positively.

The official establishment of the Fund with the Anglican Foundation completed on Nov. 15, 2022 and will be called "ACW Council of the North Retired Clergy Fund".  Since this initiative as reported in the Anglican Journal, we are pleased to know that the fund has substantially grown from other donors and will make a difference to those retiring from the Council of the North who have sustained mission and ministry in Northern Canada on behalf of the Anglican Church.

Individuals may also contribute to the fund through the Anglican Foundation, noting the name of the fund when contributing.

Here is a link to the Anglican Foundation's 'DONATE' page

Here is a link to Matt Pudister's June 1, 2022 story on the Anglican Journal's website