Advent and Christmas are coming!

To: Rectors, Parish Administrators:

At the suggestion of the Diocesan Communications Committee, I hope to produce a special supplement in the December issue of TOPIC listing Advent and Christmas special services and events throughout the diocese. If there is sufficient interest, we can arrange for extra copies for community distribution.

If you’d like your parish’s special Advent and Christmas services and events included, please fill out and return by Nov. 1 at the very latest. (Sorry this is so early, but that’s the deadline set by the printer.) Besides Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, I’m looking for any services or events that your parish is doing: choral concerts, pageants, “Blue Christmas”services, etc.

You can use a form to fill out your information. Click here or click the form at left. 

If you have the latest Acrobat Reader (vers. 7 or 8) you can fill in this form and send it out directly. Or you can print off the form, fill it out, and fax it in.

Please do not list your regular Sunday morning services, as there isn’t space for everyone’s. Your regular services should already be on the diocesan website. (If they’re not on the website, they should be, so send them in, and we’ll post them as soon as we can.)

To dress up the section, we’re also looking for photographs, stories, artistic creations, etc., with an Advent or Christmas theme. If you took some pictures last year of Advent and Christmas events and can locate them, do send them in.

If you want to be included, please make a note to yourself to take care of this as soon as you schedule your Advent and Christmas events. As I must produce a regular December issue also, I don’t have time to chase after the information from a large number of parishes, and we will have to produce the section with what has come in by Nov. 1.

If you have any questions, please contact the TOPIC editor, Neale Adams, at 604 684 6306 ext. 223 or

It would be great to have every parish participate so we can present to the community the story of how the Anglican Church of Canada celebrates these Christian seasons throughout the diocese!

Neale Adams, TOPIC editor

Fax: 604 684-7017;
Mail: TOPIC, Diocese of New Westminster,
401 West Georgia St., Suite #580, Vancouver, BC
, V6B5A1.