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The Story of Mack  

When Mack came to see The Advocacy Office he had been living in an old SRO hotel for over 7 years. He really needed decent housing soon, he was getting older and was tired of sharing a bathroom down the hall with a number of others, including addicts that used it to shoot up in, leaving needles behind. He was in need of some peace and quiet, not the police coming to the hotel frequently because of fights. We sent him to a housing provider we had connections with to complete an application. The Advocate gave it time for the application to get through their system and called to put in a special word on Mack's behalf. It took just over a month and they had an apartment for him. He is so HAPPY now he can't stop thanking his Advocate.  

As narrated by Ellen Silvergieter, Advocacy Office Director.

Advocacy Office at St. Paul's Anglican Church in the West End  operates as a support network for those in need of help with government services, tenancy issues, social services, pensions, disabilities, taxes. and housing assistance. Our Outreach Program helps those on the street  by providing the basic needs like food.

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