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A July 12, 2019 email distributed by Matthew Townsend the Editorial Supervisor of the Anglican Journal confirms that the deadline for intentional subscriptions to the Anglican Journal and Topic will be October 31, 2019

Earlier in an email distributed from the office of General Synod/Anglican Church of Canada Director of Communications, Meghan Kilty to diocesan bishops and diocesan editors. She writes:

"We are going to extend the change to the circulation list confirmation process. The new list will be used for the January 2020 issue of the Anglican Journal ---not the September 2019 issue as first communicated."

In the Diocese of New Westminster that means that The Anglican Journal and Topic will continue to be distributed to the approximately 4900 current recipients.

In the note, Kilty provided a helpful overview of the current situation:

"We have had a positive response and confirmations continue. Our team is working hard to update our list, and to ensure no one is left off the list who wants to receive a print edition of our papers.

  • We (The Anglican Journal) have approximately 30,000 subscription confirmations
  • We are still inputting confirmations and do not have accurate circulation totals for each diocese
  • We will communicate our totals as soon as possible before the print deadline for the January issue (in early December 2019).
  • We will provide an interim update in September.
  • We will continue to update you on the circulation numbers as the process unfolds
  • The percentage of shared distribution cost by a diocese per issue mailed will not change based on the number of print subscriptions."

The opportunity to be on the intentional subscribers list to be implemented in 2020 is still there and is very simple:

EMAIL: [email protected] and send your name, address, phone number and the ID# label that appears on your copy.

MAIL: download and fill out the coupon available below, fill it in and mail to: Anglican Journal, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2. Or send in the information in a letter.

PHONE TOLL-FREE: 1-866-333-0959

ONLINE: Go to anglicanjournal.com/yes