Thursday, November 2, 7:00 - 9:00 pm,
followed by a celebration of Holy Communion at 9:15 pm.

Since the 10th century the Christian Church has observed the 2nd of November as a day for commemorating the souls of the departed, a day to remember those who have died: our family members, our friends, our mentors, our ancestors, our loved ones, all those who have given our lives meaning but whom we see no longer.

Many cultures celebrate this day joyously with parades, special treats and picnics in the cemetery, sharing these pleasures with the departed.

At the Labyrinth we are planning an evening labyrinth walk, followed by a special contemplative celebration of Holy Communion for those who wish to participate. This evening is an opportunity for you to honour and remember those who have been an important part of your lives. This is a time to look back.

For many of us there may be figures whose significance to us we have only in later years begun to understand, or those to whom we were never properly able to express our feelings. This is a time in which to re-encounter them in our hearts. Perhaps with some it is time at last to make peace. There will be a space available in which to place a photograph or a small object, souvenir or remembrance while you walk.

Come and join us on this day in which these two worlds draw near to one another, as on no other occasion.

The Labyrinth @ St. Paul's Anglican Church
1130 Jervis Street
Vancouver, BC