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The Story of Scott

Scott is a middle aged man who suffered from PTSD and acute anxiety.When he first came to see us he was on regular assistance of $610 a month and receiving a special housing subsidy of $150.00 a month. His rent was $570, so he didn’t have much to live on.
Scott had been an investment broker earning good money until he was in a car accident in late 2012. This changed his life forever. The physical injuries were not very severe but he now had PTSD, panic attacks and severe anxiety. These caused major problems which led to side effects and he was fired from his job in early 2013 for lack of productivity. He tried to find another job while living off his savings.
He had a lawyer working on an ICBC claim but that was going to take time and Scott ended up with nothing left and was forced to go on regular Social Assistance. Scott came to us needing to apply for Disability through Social Assistance.
His first visit with us was in the spring of 2015 and we worked with him on getting everything ready to take the disability application into his doctor to complete. Scott  had difficulty controlling his anxiety during the process and it took a long time to convince him to finally submit the application to Victoria for consideration.
Scott just came to see us last week to let us know that he was accepted for Persons with Disability level at the end of August. Plus, his ICBC settlement has finally settled, and he will receive that money in October. He will now receive extended health benefits which he needs with the Persons with disability status. He certainly seemed more relaxed that I had seen him before. 
As narrated by Ellen Silvergieter, Advocacy Office Director. In order to preserve the privacy of our client(s), real name(s) are not used in the narration. 

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