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Here is the text written by Vicar's Warden, Robb Watt, ODNW of the introductory page of the document that will guide visitors through the Stations of the Cross display of Christ Woods's paintings taking place at St. Catherine, Capilano, 1058 Ridgewood Drive in North Vancouver's Edgemont Village neighbourhood on Good Friday, April 15, 10am-4pm.

Introduction to Chris Woods Art

Over the centuries, accomplished artists have created visions to illustrate key elements of the life of Christ. This year when the world is experiencing a new and terrible turmoil, with the invasion of Ukraine and the suffering there, together with the ongoing challenge of the Covid pandemic, it is timely to be able to share a remarkable series of paintings of the Stations of the Cross and invite you to reflect on human suffering.  These fourteen oils were painted by Canadian artist Chris Woods between 1994 and 1995, when he was 24, turning 25, in the first half of the first decade of his career.

From his studio in Chilliwack, he shaped a new and intriguing portrayal of the journey made by Jesus from his being condemned to death, to his death on the cross, to his burial in a tomb. Throughout, Christ is in a white robe, all other figures are in contemporary dress and the setting is in various sites in downtown Vancouver. This gives Christ's journey a new, startling and very different feeling. Family and close friends were the models for the various figures. Woods produced one painting for each of the fourteen stops that Jesus is, by tradition, believed to have made along his journey, each one made by the artist after months of study and reflection. 

The series was commissioned originally by Rev. James Penrice of the Anglican parish of St. David of Wales in East Vancouver. For many years they have been cared for by Rev. Michael Batten and the parishioners of St. Thomas’ Anglican Church in Vancouver following the closure of the Parish of St. David of Wales. The Reverend Sharon Smith and the people of St. Catherine's are deeply grateful to Rev. Batten and his congregation for permitting us to borrow these for your contemplation and appreciation.

Chris Woods as a young, very talented artist embraced the chance to create something new and thought provoking, telling an old story of Jesus' final journey in life, in fourteen unforgettable images.

We are very pleased to share with you this art as we observe the new life of Easter this spring. 

A downloadable copy in .WORD of the guide is available here on this post.