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What is Advent?

Like all journeys there is a beginning. Advent is the beginning of a journey and the start of the Christian year. Advent means “Expectation”. The first Sunday of Advent is the first day of the Church’s year . Advent is a time when we commemorate the coming of light over darkness and is marked by progression of meditations on Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. It is a time of quiet waiting and expectation in preparation for Christmas. In the Northern Hemisphere when it is winter with darker days the symbolism is all around us. The people of St. Catherine’s hope that in the midst of the Christmas rush the artworks of paintings and photographs will be an inspiration to all during this most beautiful of seasons.

What is “An Artist’s Advent Calendar?”

Local artists and photographers have depicted four values of Advent and are sharing it with the wider community in an unfolding art exhibit leading up to Christmas. Just like a bought Advent Calendar (a box that is opened on each day of December revealing a chocolate) this art is placed around the Edgemont Village stores and businesses in four stages.

  1. Art depicting HOPE: November 28 onward
  2. Art depicting LOVE: December 5 onward.
  3. Art depicting JOY: December 12 onward.
  4. Art depicting PEACE: December 19 onward.
Follow the “Four-Week Advent Calendar” around the stores in Edgemont to view the art.
On December 24th, Christmas Eve, all the art will be at St Catherine’s 5pm service.
1058 Ridgewood Drive, 604-985 0666

Advent Calendar 2021
In Edgemont Village stores from
November 28th - December 23rd
Endorsed by the Edgemont Village
Business Association

Please click the link here or below to download the brochure with all the location information and details about the Calendar