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Diocesan Communications would like to convey our sincere thanks to Topic readers for your generous support of the Anglican Journal Appeal in 2015. The funds raised by this initiative provide Topic with the capacity to continue and expand its coverage of the extensive and growing mission and ministry of the diocese of New Westminster, helping to maintain a focus on our mission statement: Growing communities of faith in Jesus Christ to serve God’s mission in the world. 

In the September 2016 issues of Topic and the Anglican Journal (AJ) that many of you have received there was a letter from AJ editor, Tess Sison inviting readers to make a financial donation to the Anglican Journal Appeal. There was also a pledge form and return envelope.

Through a shared revenue agreement, half of your donation goes to Topic and that annual amount provides funds that greatly assist the ministry of the Communications Office of the Diocese of New Westminster, specifically the production of Topic ten times per year.

We invite you to support this year’s Anglican Journal Appeal and ask that you give generously. Your commitment to helping keep Anglicans engaged and connected to the Gospel message is inspiring for those of us privileged to be called to the ministry of chronicling the life and work of the Church.  

You may make your gift via the envelope you received in this month's issues of the papers or via the AJ website DONATE page.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Topic and the Anglican Journal.