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For decades the diocesan publications have been included as inserts in the national publication, The Anglican Journal. This is done for a variety of reasons but primarily to centralize the process and to receive the best possible mailing price from Canada Post. This continues today. However, delivery of the two publications mailed as one from Southern Ontario is getting later and later. Currently, nobody from any of the stake holder groups (Anglican Journal; Communications Department of the Anglican Church of Canada; Webnews the printing company) has an answer for the 3-4 weeks it takes the papers to make their way into the homes and parishes of the Diocese of New Westminster. A meeting has been scheduled with the stakeholders and with Canada Post, hopefully the delivery issue will be resolved. This is not just a problem for our diocese, late mailings have been reported from coast to coast.

As of the posting of this piece on the diocesan website, the Synod office has not received the bundle of 10 copies of the March, 2023 Anglican Journal with Topic. I did, however, receive my copy of each publication at the office on March 20.