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A few weeks have passed since the arrival of the September issues of The Anglican Journal and Topic, and this is just a reminder that those two publications arrived with an insert; they contained an envelope outlining the details about, and the case for the 2018 Anglican Journal Appeal. The letter included in the package from former AJ Editor Tess Sison is well worth reading and contains some illuminating information.

As I wrote in my note to Topic readers contained in the AJ Appeal package:

"I would like to send each and every one of you my sincere thanks for your generous support of the Anglican Journal in 2017 (and for the many years prior). The funds raised provide Topic with the ability to continue its coverage of the extensive and growing mission and ministry of the Diocese of New Westminster, maintaining the focus on our diocesan priorities and on our mission statement, 'Growing communities of faith in Jesus Christ to serve God's mission in the world,'"

If you haven't opened the envelope yet, please consider doing so and making a gift or a pledge to the AJ Appeal for 2018. If the envelope is gone, no problem, there are opportunities to support the AJ and Topic through the post, by phone or email. Here is a direct link to give online through Canada Helps.

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