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It was with gratitude and happiness that diocesan communications received an email from a senior staff member at the Anglican Journal on Monday, March 13 announcing that the Anglican Journal Appeal results had been tabulated and again in 2016 as in many previous years the generosity of AJ/Topic readers continues to be outstanding.

Gross donation revenue in 2016 totaled $497,121.79 from 9,408 donors. Of this amount $168,190.74 is being shared with the diocesan partners of which Topic is a partner.

In the Diocese of New Westminster 504 donors (9.3% of subscribers) donated $27,557 which after expenses and the 50% split with the Anglican Journal resulted in Bishop Skelton receiving a cheque for $10,116 to be accounted for on the revenue line of the Topic budget.

Since the inception of the AJ campaign it has generated over $9.8 million in donations with the majority of donations coming from previous donors. Without the dedicated support from these readers, the AJ and many of the diocesan newspapers would have great difficulty in publishing the newspapers.

Again, many, many thanks!