What does it mean for Lutherans and Anglicans to be in relationship?

I know that it means that we celebrate communion together. I know that it means that a Lutheran or an Anglican can be called to serve a parish of either denomination.

But what more does it mean As both churches face decline in numbers and finances, it seems that there are some important issues to be raised.

As Anglican and Lutheran parishes decline they are tempted to talk to the nearest denominational parish. Is there talk about Anglican and Lutheran Parishes combining?

As Lutherans decline both in numbers and money can they afford to have two seminaries Has there been serious talk between the two churches about joining seminaries Has there been serious talk about the seminary in Saskatoon moving to BC?

We cooperate in many things but cooperation takes more money and meetings. Why do we not say that the Anglicans will care for this on behalf of the Lutherans and vice versa At least on the West Coast you Anglicans are much further ahead of us Lutherans in terms of the greening of the parish. Why does not the Lutheran Synod turn all of this over to the Anglicans and have them lead both churches in this important calling?

We could have one campus ministry that would seek to serve the students of both denominations and seek to reach out to others who know little about the faith. I am not speaking about cooperation but rather turning the whole process over to one of the churches. The old system of cooperation means that we maintain our denominational powers-perhaps it is time to change our views.

Lutherans in the Lower Mainland and in the whole BC Synod have trouble with communication. Why not have a publication that reaches all?

Lutherans have a Synod office and Lutheran World Relief Office in the Lower Mainland. What would happen if we had a common office and shared secretarial help and meeting space?

Lutherans struggle with youth groups and have occasional meeting of the youth in our synod. The Anglicans struggle with youth groups and have an occasional diocesan meeting. Why not meet together Could one Youth director serve both churches?

Why is there a Lutheran Urban Ministry and an Anglican Urban ministry?

Lutherans have a synod that covers all of BC. Anglicans have many dioceses that cover the same territory. Why should not the people of the island, the people of the North and the people of the Lower Mainland work together and get rid of overlap Could we not do this and still honor each denomination and the gifts that each brings?

Just asking