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In the Appeal of Justice Stephen Kelleher's November 25th, 2009 Reasons for Judgement regarding the ownership of church assets put before BC Court of Appeal Justices: The Honourable Madam Justice Newbury, The Honourable Mr. Justice Lowry and The Honourable Madam Justice Garson, both Appeals have been dismissed. Justice Kelleher's decision stands.
Counsel for the Defendents in the case (The Diocese of New Westminster and Bishop Michael Ingham) are reviewing the 62 page "Reasons" written by Justice Newbury and concurred with by both Justice Lowry and Justice Garson. The leadership of the Diocese are satisfied with the decision and a statement will be available, November 16th after the Diocesan Officers have had time to meet with Counsel.
Click "reasons" to dowload a pdf copy of the judgment.