St. Bartholomew begins “Journeys”.

Discussions at St. Bart’s St. Bartholomew’s in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast has begun a series of Thursday speakers followed by discussion called “Journeys,” the parish reports.

The first meeting played and discussed the short film, “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.”

A WINTER TO REMEMBER. Snow was beautiful at Holy Spirit in Maple Ridge, this year, but it ended up costing the parish $2,000 to plow it.(David Findley-Price photo)

Stunning photography and powerful dialogue urged viewers to approach their lives with celebration, confidence and grace, the Rev. Peter van der Leelie reports. A lively discussion followed.

Other speakers have included the Rev. Fr. Michael Foreshaw, who spoke about his journey with HIV/AIDS; a local businesswoman leading the group on the topic, “What do you really want out of life; a showing of “The Asphalt Gospel.”

“As time progresses we hope to firmly establish a time and place where people can drop in for interesting speakers and discussions that are led by the group,“

“In effect, we are building another congregation, albeit one of a different sort,” he said.

Lent at St. Christopher’s

As we come from the light of the Epiphany and prepare for the glory of Easter, the forty days of Lent pass quickly.

At St. Christopher’s, our reflections and meditations during Lent will focus on outreach ministries.

On Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday we have a Primate’s Supper (soup, cheese and rolls) before attending The Holy Eucharist.

A second fund-raiser is Angli-Cans. Small cans are filled with loonies and townies. The proceeds from this campaign are divided between local and international programs.

On Wednesdays during Lent, we have special Lenten Services and a study group which covers current issues facing the Anglican Church.

While we are challenging ourselves to reach out in Jesus’ name, reflecting on our personal journey with Jesus Christ is the cornerstone upon which this season is built.

Finding time to be ‘still and listen ‘ prepares us for Christ’s suffering and death on Good Friday , and then for the greatest of celebrations – His resurrection –Easter!

– Carole Neilson

Children grow up so church school opens

St. Clare is now able to hold Sunday school for over a dozen children

A Church school opened at St. Clare-in-the-Cove on January 25. This was a joyful and significant event for the parish.

We have been encouraged by the number of young families that had started to attend St. Clare-in-the-Cove over the last two years. Their children are now old enough to participate in an education program.

With the input and support of the young families it was agreed that we would offer a Church School on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. This would allow for an even spread of volunteer resources.

We were delighted that thirteen children gathered for the first class and participated as their teachers and the assistants were commissioned by the congregation for this ministry.

– Carla McGhie