Bishop Michael Ingham has asked all parishioners in the Diocese of New Westminster to quickly support the Anglican Hospital in Gaza, which is caught in the midst of military hostilities.

“The situation in Gaza has become urgent and I believe we must respond,” Bishop Ingham wrote.

“I had the opportunity to meet the new Bishop of Jerusalem, Suheil Dawani, on several occasions last year and I have also visited the Anglican Hospital in Gaza. Both deserve our support at this critical time,” the bishop wrote on January 8 to diocesan clergy.

 He directed priests to read his pastoral appeal on Sunday, Jan. 11, asking for donations that will be gathered and sent to the Diocese of Jerusalem for their Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City.

The Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza
Bishop Ingham said that Bishop Dawani reported the hospital, one of three in the Middle East that the diocese operates, has been receiving from 20 to 40 injured or wounded patients daily since the military operations began. A large proportion of them require hospitalization and surgeryand about one-fourth are children.

Bishop Dawani added: Many medical items are needed, especially bandages and supplies for burns and trauma. The hospital's windows have all been blown out or shattered from rocket and missile concussion, and cold permeates the entire premises.”

“Plastic sheeting to cover the windows could alleviate some of the cold but is unavailable now. Food supplies are scant throughout the Gaza strip and maintaining patients' nutritional needs at the hospital has been difficult, especially for the most vulnerable.”

In his letter for the diocese, which covers Greater Vancouver and area, Bishop Ingham called the situation in Gaza ”a humanitarian disaster.”

“The political roots of this conflict are complex, but we have an opportunity now to respond in a compassionate way to the needs of the suffering regardless of politics,” he wrote.

Bishop Suheil Dawani of Jerusalem
Bishop Ingham reported also that he had received a response from the Jerusalem bishop:
“In a season when we celebrate the love of God made incarnate in the birth of Christ, we cling to hope as we work and pray continually to bring aid to the suffering, especially now in Gaza. We all appreciate your partnership in this effort.”

“We are still keeping hope for peace in this region,”wrote Bishop Dawani.

Parishes will collect the donations and forward them to the diocese. They should be marked, for the Anglican Hospital in Gaza.

“I will make sure these gifts go directly and quickly to our sister diocese in Jerusalem within the next few days,” wrote the bishop.

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Below is a video clip showing the hospital taken before the present conflict...