Bishop Michael Ingham at the close of the Lambeth Conference said that the Diocese of New Westminster will have to “consider deeply” what action it should take in response.

In an audio report he said that he felt there was “a discord” in the 19 day long meeting of all the bishops in the 38 national and regional Churches in the Anglican Communion.

But there were also presentations made by the Windsor Continuation Group, a committee of three Primates, two other bishops, and a retired Dean, which the Archbishop of Canterbury set up and charged with finding a “way forward” for the Communion based on the 2004 Windsor Report.

Bishop Ingham said he felt the Windsor Continuation Group demonstrated “rigidity and a lack of wisdom.”

“The primary mindset of the Windsor Group is conformity or exclusion. As yet they display no capacity for creating space, only for taking it away.”

Bishop Ingham said that the Archbishop of Canterbury is “firmly behind” the recommendations of the Windsor Continuation Group. His closing address was “both clear and highly nuanced,” said Bishop Ingham. “He would like to see official rites for the blessing of same-sex unions withdrawn, and invading bishops go home.”

“At the same time, he recognizes that may not be possible for everyone for the sake of conscience. While calling for uniformity, he also recognizes the Church needs the questions of its innovators and the voices of its prophets. He seemed to chastise us, but also to rule us onside,” said Bishop Ingham.

“I’ll try to bring Lambeth home, and we’ll have to consider deeply what it wants us to do. But for now, I want to thank you for all of your prayers,” the bishop concluded.


For Bishop Ingham’s complete audio report go here and scroll toward the bottom of the page.


On the one hand, most of the bishops’ time was taken up with discussion in what were called “Indaba” discussion groups of about 40 bishops each in which the focus was listening and mutual understanding. “It was a great success,” he said.