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Dear People, Leaders and Parishes of the Diocese of New Westminster,  

I am heartsick as I see and hear the reports of the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015.  

I grieve for our world, for the dead and for the families and friends of those killed or wounded in the attacks.  

I ask that you join with me in prayer. Pray for the victims and their families and friends; pray for those who performed these inexplicable acts of violence; and, finally, pray for leaders throughout the world that they may be led to wise choices on our behalf in the face of these terrible events.  

Tomorrow, on Sunday, November 15th, as we gather in our faith communities, I ask that you dedicate a time of silence during worship to connect to one another and to God, and to offer your prayers.  

Many will rightfully ask where God was when the terrorist attacks were occurring. Others will ask where God is now as we all try to make sense of these unbelievable events. I wish I had an answer that would satisfy me or you. What I hold onto at times like these is that in Christ, God knew what it was like to suffer at the hands of others. God knew what it was to be wounded. God knew what it was like to be abandoned.  

As Christians, let us stand in solidarity with those who are suffering now, and let us continue to work towards peace between all people.  

In Christ,