Unprecedented rainfalls battered the northern regions of Vancouver Island, September 24th and 25th, triggering mudslides, washing out roads, flooding basements and backing up sewer and drainage systems. Approximately 100 residents of the First Nation’s village of Kingcome Inlet were evacuated and housed by the ‘Namgis First Nation in Alert Bay. On September 30th the Kingcome residents were informed that they could return to their homes.
St. George’s Anglican Church in Kingcome Inlet was founded as a mission church of the Diocese of New Westminster in 1938 but recently has been under the pastoral care of the Diocese of British Columbia parish in Alert Bay. There will be an official change of Episcopal Oversight Sunday October 3rd as Bishop James Cowan and Bishop Michael Ingham journey to Alert Bay on Saturday to lead a service of Eucharist for the combined communities of Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet in the morning. Following worship Bishop Michael and Bishop James will travel to Kingcome by helicopter as the water separating the two communities is too dangerous. The two Bishops will make a pastoral visit to the community together accompanied by Alec Nelson, a member of the Musqamaqw Tsawatainuek First Nations Band Council.
Please keep the people of Northern Vancouver Island, Alert Bay, and Kingcome Inlet in your thoughts and prayers and also send prayers for safe passage to Bishop Michael and Bishop James.