We all know that religion is widely discussed. Spirituality is a hot topic. I have a suggestion. Why not read a short book which simply and directly describes this field.

It devotes about 100 pages to five topics: Thinking of God; Living Before God; Worship and Ethics; Facing Evil; Jesus Christ; and Salvation—Its Scope and Intensity.

There are short essays on skills, methods, and prospects for the future. The author has written several valuable books, is very widely read, and his concerns and interests are very varied. Dr. D. F. Ford occupies a top religious job in Cambridge, England.

The book is called Theology and is published by Oxford University Press both in the USA and England and is available locally. It is not dense or technical and would be very suitable for a discussion group.

By H. P. Woodhouse  

The Rev. Dr. Hugh Woodhouse is a retired priest in Vancouver